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Weekly KBC Bulletin


Keyport Bible Church - September 12, 2021

Sermon this Week

Speaker: Pastor Matt Daniells

Location: Sanctuary (Overflow seating in MPF)

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Text: 2nd Timothy 4:5 - 8

Title: “Finishing Strong, Passing the Torch”

Sunday Servers

Children's Church: Diana Kim

Nursery: Jane Whitney

Ushers: Mike Will, Lenny Koplen, Gabe Smart

Prayer Requests

  • PRAISE! Last week at Youth Group, two students got baptized! It was a special night to celebrate God's work in their lives and hear the testimonies of their identity in Christ! Praise God!

  • Tom Slater had open-heart surgery to fix at least three arteries yesterday. Please pray for his recovery.
  • Annette Daniell's cousin's baby, Jaxon, oxygen dropped to 50% when he was 16 hrs old. Doctors determined that he has Pulmonary Atresia and will need a stent placed. Please pray for comfort for the family, and wisdom for the doctors.


Carne Asada Steak Dinner:

KBC is invited to a Carne Asada Steak Dinner on Saturday, September 25th, at 5 pm. It will be held here, at the church.


Sunday School Begins:

Sunday School groups will begin TODAY after service, 11 am. If you would like to be added to a group, please see Julianne Haag after the service.

Group 1
Leaders: Dave Votroubek
Location: Downstairs former Children's Sunday School Room

  • Lenny Koplen
  • Sylvia Koplen
  • Karen Hussey
  • Anne Royal
  • David Webster
  • Beverly Webster
  • 3 spots available

Group 2
Leaders: Mike & Carolyn Chinn
Alternate Leaders: Bill & Becky Sibbett
Location: Parsonage

  • JoAnn Spoon
  • Stephanie Slater
  • Linda Reynolds
  • Gabe Smart
  • Linda Smart
  • Diana Kim

Group 3
Leaders: Jeff & Kathleen Haag
Alternate Leaders: Kevin & Loretta Armstrong
Location: Library

  • Jim Kelly
  • Marilyn Kelly
  • Alicia Glauser
  • 3 spots available

Group 4
Leaders: Ronn & Elizabeth Goodnough
Location: Old Fellowship Hall

  • Rickie Brown
  • Cindy Brown
  • Rosie Watne
  • Karlene Will
  • Tom Slater
  • Nancy Slater
  • 2 spots available

Leaders: Matt & Annette Daniells
Location: Sanctuary

  • Neil Holm
  • Deanna Holm
  • Cathy Taylor
  • Keith Lantz
  • Sherryl Lantz
  • Jason Geddes
  • Jodi Geddes
  • 2 spots available

Missions Moment

Christian & Sheryl Andresen standing side-by-side

Christian & Sheryl Andresen

Location: Berlin, Germany

  • They have served in Germany for 24 years
  • As of 2021, they are empty nesters
  • Their goal each year is to live out 1 Corinthians 10:31: do all for the glory of God in their church, ministries, and home.

Hey KBC,

Let's catch up with missionaries Christian & Sheryl Andresen, serving the Lord in Berlin. They are very busy, "but the Lord is faithful, and we love serving Him here in Germany."

Christian leads and teaches Pastoral Theology and Biblical Counseling at the European Bible Training Center (EBTC). He also serves in their local church as an elder and preaches as part of the pastoral team.

Sheryl teaches Sunday School, leads Women's Ministry, and disciples women through Mommy & Me classes. She also opens her home to visitors, extending hospitality and corrects homework for EBTC.

Christian and Sheryl are now empty nesters with eight grandchildren! Philip & Heather have one daughter, Marco & Katrina have four children, and Stephanie & Daniel have three children. Elizabeth & Jonathan were married in January of 2021.

How is the ministry going?

"Great! Even during the pandemic and with so many restrictions, ministry is continuing through Zoom and Online classes. New ministry involves Christian mentoring and overseeing GMI missionaries in Europe. A new online class was offered this past year through EBTC, and it's called Bible Survey Express. Of the 66 students who signed up for the class, 60 finished reading through each book of the Bible, writing chapter headings with book summaries in five months!"

What are your priorities?

"Discipling men and women, and bring them to maturity in Christ. (Eph. 4:14-16) This is don't through systematic training at EBTC, and through training and mentoring at church. Also shepherding the younger missionaries on various fields in Europe."

Message for KBC

"We are so thankful for this church in Keyport! You have been so faithful, and we are grateful for your financial support and for praying for us these many years."

Prayer Support
  • Pray the first week: Read insert, and pray for Christian & Sheryl, for their marriage and ministries to thrive.
  • Pray the second week: For Christian at EBTC, to continue teaching and equipping people for ministry and the mission field. And for God's protection and blessing on his ministry to mentor younger missionaries in Europe.
  • Pray the third week: For Sheryl, in her teaching and mentoring ministries. Pray for her hospitality ministry, that the light and love of Christ will shine through her and in her home.
  • Pray the fourth week: Pray for fresh faith and strength for Christian & Sheryl to live out their goal, "To do all for the glory of God."

Persecution Profile

Picture of Reverend Silas

Reverend Silas Yakubu Ali

Location: Nigeria

Killed: September 2021

Reverend Ali left on Saturday for Kafanchan, and was not heard from again until his body was found on Sunday. It appears he was attacked to death with a machete. Please pray for his Church and other Christians in Nigeria. In August, the Inter-Society released a report about Christians in Nigeria in the last 12 years: 43,000 were killed by Islamic radicals; 18,500 disappeared; 17,500 churches attacked; 2,000 Christian schools attacked; 10 million Christians uprooted.

Please pray for our family overseas.

News sources:

Looking Ahead

October 8: Women's Connections @ 6:15 pm

Weekly Meetings

Keyport Bible Church Building


Prayer Gathering: 8:30 AM

Sunday Service: 9:30 AM

Sunday School: 11 AM

Youth jumping in sunset


Men's Bible Study: 8 AM

Women's Study Group 1: 1 PM

Youth Group: 6:30 PM

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Prayer Gathering: 12 PM

Seniors Being Renewed: 2 PM

AWANA: 6:22 PM

Adult Sunday School: 6:30 PM

Bible verses highlighted with color pencils


Munchkin Meet-Ups: 9 AM

Women's Study Group 2: 4:30 PM

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